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Congratulations to all primary award winners!

  • Summer Davies
    Summer Davies
    Summer is a bright and happy student who has made excellent progress this year. She has attended online lessons regularly and her contributions are always thoughtful. Summer tries her best in everything she does and is to be congratulated for her positive attitude to learning.
  • Xander Williams
    Xander Williams
    Xander has worked solidly throughout the year to develop his English, Mathematics and Science skills in Pre-Primary. Xander completed all assigned work to a very high standard and is to be congratulated on his positive and enthusiastic attitude. He demonstrated his artistic and scientific flair by creating wonderful 3D art pieces and performing some exciting experiments with intricate descriptions to support his work. It has been a pleasure supporting Xander through his Pre-Primary year and observing his wonderful progress.
  • Toby Davies
    Toby Davies
    Toby has worked consistently all year and returned work of a high standard. His steady completion and return of modules on a regular basis has resulted in excellent results this year.

    He has regularly attended WebEx when the family has internet and it’s been wonderful to see that his confidence in speaking, and in engaging with the world, has grown as a result of his travel and his many new experiences this year.
  • Hailey Haddon
    Hailey Haddon
    Hailey is a delightful member of our class who approaches all tasks with enthusiasm. She is a positive student and always tries her best, persevering when tasks are difficult. Hailey’s photos and videos show that she has been making the most of her travels around Australia. Well done Hailey on a wonderful semester with SIDE.
  • Braxton Miller
    Braxton Miller
    Braxton is to be commended on his persistence to complete the Year Three, SIDE Program. Through his commitment to the program, he has continued to improve in all learning areas. Braxton is a reflective learner who continually takes on board feedback to help him improve and embraces new learning experiences. He is a fine role model for his online lesson peers, and always presents himself as a kind, caring and empathetic student. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach Braxton this year, and I wish him all the best in 2023.
  • Maddison Gilpin
    Maddison Gilpin
    Maddison is to be commended on her persistence and commitment to engage with the SIDE program.

    She adheres to her work schedule, consistently returning beautifully presented schoolwork. Her fine efforts have seen her make steady progress this year.
  • Emma Mu Gao
    Emma Mu Gao
    Emma is to be commended for her achievements this year. Whilst learning at a distance, Emma has displayed perseverance and a mature attitude towards her school work. She has demonstrated a positive and enthusiastic approach to all areas of her learning. Emma is courteous and shows good manners and it is always a pleasure to review Emma’s work and see the growth in her understandings and skills. Well done, Emma.
  • Marsha Ambrose
    Marsha Ambrose
    Marsha approaches learning with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. She is organised, self-motivated and always works to the best of her ability. Her commitment to learning is to be commended. It has been a joy to have Marsha in the class this year.

    Congratulations on your fine results Marsha.
  • Stanley Howard – Achievement Award
    Stanley Howard – Achievement Award
    Stanley is to be commended for his persistence, resilience and determination to achieve at a higher level this year. While attending full time ballet school, Stanley has consistently improved his SIDE schoolwork by being motivated, enthusiastic and hard working. I wish him all the best for his ongoing education in secondary school.
  • Poppy Purwien – Dux
    Poppy Purwien – Dux
    Poppy has achieved a high level of success this year and is the Dux of Primary SIDE 2022. While attending full time ballet school, Poppy has maintained a high standard of SIDE schoolwork by being motivated, enthusiastic and hard working. She has demonstrated a high level of independent learning abilities and she has a mature approach to her studies. I wish her all the best for her ongoing education in secondary school.

Congratulations to all our Primary Leavers!