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Welcome to SIDE!

Read the information below to help you get started with your SIDE studies. There are contact details at the end in case you need help.

  • Communication and Login
    You will need your Department of Education (DoE) student details for your learning and communication at SIDE. Your DoE details are as follows:

    DoE school email address:

    DoE username: firstname.lastname

    DoE password: Is set by you. (See next tab to know how)

    To access your student email, select the Students button at the top right-hand side and click on "Your student email" button.

  • Password and User Validation Question
    If you attend a DoE school, you may already know your password; it is the one that you use to log in to school computers. If you are new to SIDE or are not attending a DoE school, you can expect contact from SIDE to help you set your password.

    If you forgot your User Name or Password, you can:
    1. reset your password
    2. set a user validation question
  • Moodle - Starting your work at SIDE
    Moodle is an online space where you will find your courses and classrooms. This is where you can access your lesson materials and activities at any time and from anywhere (with an Internet connection).

    You have been enrolled in our orientation course in Moodle. To access Moodle:
    1. Select the Students button on top right-hand corner and click on SIDEMoodle Primary or SIDEMoodle Secondary.
    2. LaunchpadEnter your DoE username and password.
    3. Click on the the course called SIDE Launchpad to start your learning. Your teacher will add you to subject courses/classrooms as soon as possible.
  • Webex
    Webex is SIDE’s live online classroom and a space where you will work directly with your teacher and classmates. You will receive your Webex times via email as soon as possible. Your teacher will also post your Webex lesson links and times in your Moodle courses/classrooms.

    See information about setting up Webex

  • Parent/Guardian Consent Forms
    Finally, please check with your care giver/s to see if they have completed and returned

    SIDE Media and Third-Party Services consent forms.


If you need help getting started with your SIDE studies:

Call SIDE during school hours (08) 9311 1400.

Use the contact form