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Regular feedback and communication about student progress is a strength of SIDE.

There are three formal reports issued annually:

  • A progress report is written at the end of Term One.
  • End of Semester 1 reports.
  • End of Semester 2 reports.

SIDE uses the Department of Education's Reporting to Parents application.

In addition students receive feedback on each assessment task. Teachers welcome contact from parents and supervisors to discuss the progress of each student.

2023 Reporting Dates to Parents

Parents will have access to their child’s report via the internet (Connect) on or about the following dates.

Step by Step Guide for Parents

Interim Reports Semester One Statement of Results Semester Two
Years 11 – 12 Years 7 – 10 Years 11 – 12 Years 7 – 10 Year 12 Year 11 Years 7 – 10
by 23 March by 3 April by 22 June by 29 June by 20 October by 30 November by 7 December

Private schools will receive copies of student reports via email on or about the above dates.