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Enrolment with SIDE requires students and parents to sign a declaration indicating that they agree to the use of online services in the delivery of a distance learning program. Depending on the method of enrolment, this may be completed as part of an electronic enrolment process. Where this is not the case, this form is provided as an alternative means of completing the agreement.

The agreement covers:

  • electronic delivery tools
  • responsible participation in online learning
  • online learning acceptable use agreement


Internet Access

Students studying with SIDE will access the Internet using a variety of methods.

For home-based students, it is the responsibility of the SIDE Supervisor to ensure the appropriate use of the internet by the student.

When in a school, any Internet access must also comply with the Department of Education Students Online in Public Schools Policy and the school’s Internet access policy.

While visiting SIDE’s Leederville campus, students may access the internet as part of their studies under the supervision of a teacher.

Software Access

SIDE students have access to various online learning tools. This access is restricted to students connected with the SIDE. Students are not permitted to share their access to these tools with anybody unrelated to the online course. SIDE will provide technical support to enable essential software to be installed within the requirements of the license. Support staff will assist students with the initial installation of approved software on existing home connections but cannot resolve problems related to private hardware or software capabilities nor can they resolve private issues with internet connections.

Computer Hardware Access

SIDE is not able to assist in the provision or maintenance of privately purchased and used equipment.


Teachers of online lessons have the same expectations of students as are required in face-to-face teaching. If students are unable to attend, they must give reasons, in advance, for their absence. They are also required to participate in constructive manner.

Live online lessons may be recorded and published in a secure location for the future constructive reference of students and teachers.

Unacceptable usage or behaviour will result in restricted access and may lead to a review of course enrolment.


Learning through SIDE can use a variety of different online services:

  • Live lessons in virtual classrooms.
  • Online web-based courses.
  • General internet browsing and email communication.

Download the  Online Services Agreement and submit the signed copy via fax or email.

Adapted from Students Online in Public Schools Policy (V3.1 | 2019)