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SIDE teachers are asked many questions by parents and/or Home Tutors. Parents have also contributed ideas to teachers of strategies they have used with their own children. These Tips and Tricks provides some extra support to you as both parent and Home Tutor.

About the 'classroom'

Managing a 'classroom' as part of your day can be tricky. Check out these tips for schoolwork sessions.

Nate attending online lesson

50 ways to say ‘Very Good’

Coping with negative attitude

Developing self-motivation

Make your own “classroom” rules

Managing the schoolwork sessions

Motivating schoolwork sessions

Organising your day: things to consider

When your child has difficulty concentrating

Working in the “classroom” with different ages

Helping your child

Sometimes your child will need your support as a person and as a learner.

Helping your child to be a successful reader

Helping kids handle BIG emotions

Travelling familyTravel Journal

Families often want to keep a journal or travel diary whilst travelling. It can be a terrific reminder of all the fabulous things seen and experienced in the trip of a lifetime. It can also be hard to keep up the motivation to do it every day.

1: Starting a journal

2: Making a group travel journal

3: Add variety with quirky topics

4: Ways to present the travel journal