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Congratulations to all our Primary Leavers!

Yusuf Amiruddin Caden Basak Matthew Bussola
Toby Lockwood Emalyn Mannar Aaron Martin
Sara Oldfield Cooper Skidmore Andrew Slade
Eva Stanton Noah Tysoe Kaine Wallis
Morgan Whitnell Abel Yap  
Year 6 Leavers

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Congratulations to all primary award winners!

  • Year 6 - Yusuf Amiruddin
    Year 6 - Yusuf Amiruddin
    The Primary Student Achievement Award is presented to recognise and celebrate the achievement of a Year 6 student in their academic achievement. Yusuf Amiruddin is the winner of the 2021 Award.

    Yusuf approaches his learning with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and completes all tasks and activities to an excellent standard. He is a well-organised and self-motivated young man who is committed to producing quality work in all academic and extra-curricular activities he undertakes. The Primary Student Achievement Award is presented to recognise and celebrate the achievement of a Year 6 student in their academic achievement. Yusuf Amiruddin is the winner of the 2021 Award.

    Yusuf displays strong leadership and self-management skills, and his excellent ICT skills, have allowed him to often provided assistance and support to his online class members. His dedication and commitment to learning is to be commended. Yusuf has been a model citizen throughout his primary schooling at School of Isolated and Distance Education and he is a worthy recipient of this special award.
  • Year 6 - Eva Stanton
    Year 6 - Eva Stanton
    Eva is a delightful and enthusiastic class member who strives to do her best at all times, and perseveres when met with challenges. She is to be congratulated for her consistent commitment, sound progress and positive approach to her learning, whilst living in Namibia this year. Eva’s dedication to learning at a distance is to be commended. Congratulations, Eva.
  • Year 5 - Poppy Purwien
    Year 5 - Poppy Purwien
    Poppy approaches learning with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. She is organised, self-motivated and always works to the best of her ability.

    Her commitment to learning is to be commended.

    It has been a joy to have Poppy in the class this year.

    Congratulations on your fine results Poppy.
  • Year 5 - Tegen Rowcliffe
    Year 5 - Tegen Rowcliffe
    Tegen Rowcliffe has been a delightful member of my class this year. Her interest and enthusiasm for learning is evident in all she does. Tegen has worked through her work program with diligence and care. Tegen always submits work of which she can be very proud because it is always her best effort. Tegen has also been a regular member of the upper primary online learning class this semester. She is enthusiastic and articulate and always loves to share her school work as well aspects of her own interests. We all love to hear the interesting life and experiences Tegen has living in another country.
  • Year 4 - Marsha Ambrose
    Year 4 - Marsha Ambrose
    Marsha is to be congratulated on a fabulous year at SIDE Primary. She is a motivated and enthusiastic learner and has consistently completed work to a high standard. Marsha has demonstrated a positive attitude, independent learning abilities and commitment to produce quality work. She acts on advice given and is willing to revise, consolidate and build on her understandings. It has been a pleasure sharing in Marsha’s progress this year.

    Well done Marsha, you can be very proud of your efforts!
  • Year 3 - Keegan Sewell
    Year 3 - Keegan Sewell
    Keegan has worked diligently all year to complete the Year Three Curriculum to the best of his ability, and at a consistently good standard. In media presentations, Keegan always demonstrates a happy demeanour, and an intuitiveness to discover new scientific concepts.

    He has successfully utilised teacher feedback to make progression in all learning areas and he should be proud of the steady, and super efforts he has put forward in 2021. Congratulations Keegan, and I wish you all the best for 2022!
  • Year 2 - Aasya Ben-Amor
    Year 2 - Aasya Ben-Amor
    Aasya is to be congratulated on the positive gains she has made in her learning this year. She is an enthusiastic student who regularly shares her work through her delightful photographs and audio work and always with a smile. It has been a pleasure watching Aasya’s confidence in her ability grow and I’ve enjoyed being part of her learning journey.
  • Year 1 - Elijah Martin
    Year 1 - Elijah Martin
    Elijah has impressed me with his enthusiasm for learning. His love of Science and literature has been communicated through his work, especially in the videos returned and in the online classes in which he regularly participates. He has worked solidly through the year to complete a full twelve modules of the Year One course, persevering when he found activities difficult.

    Congratulations, Elijah.
  • Pre Primary - Hamish Cunnah
    Pre Primary - Hamish Cunnah
    Hamish has excelled in English, Mathematics and Science in Pre-Primary demonstrating his advanced skills and ability throughout the year.

    Hamish completed all assigned work to a very high standard and is to be congratulated on his positive and enthusiastic attitude. He demonstrated his artistic and scientific flair by creating wonderful 3D art pieces and performing some exciting experiments with intricate descriptions to support his work. It has been a pleasure supporting Hamish through his Pre-Primary year and observing his wonderful progress.