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Congratulations to all primary award winners.

Bilal Abdullahi Nelson Bourke Ethan Bromley Emily Clipperton
Samuel Cox Jemima Dowling Rhylee Holmes Holly Jarvis
Ebony Jones Jerome Jordan Tryphon Kerr Merfat Khayre
Allure Kowalski Bella Liviani Kai Marns-Morris Tania Moeljadi
Georja Pearse Lily Purnawan Tahlia Stoker Layla Thomas

Congratulations to all primary award winners.

  • Saarah Amiruddin
    Saarah Amiruddin

    Saarah has excellent self-management skills and produces work of a high standard. She is enthusiastic and displays a positive and mature approach to her learning. Saarah participates regularly in online classes and is always willing to share her ideas with others. She is to be congratulated on her committed approach to her studies.

  • Yusuf Amiruddin
    Yusuf Amiruddin

    Yusuf has achieved outstanding progress for his first formal year of school. He approaches all school work with enthusiasm and completes all set work to a very high standard. He is a regular participant in online lessons and he has included some very entertaining show-time performances and photos in his work returns.

  • Charlie Edwards
    Charlie Edwards

    Charles is a motivated student who has a positive and enthusiastic approach to all learning opportunities. He has shown initiative in his studies, always rises to a challenge and is an eager participant in online lessons. He listens carefully, aims to please and always strives to do his best.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards

    James is to be congratulated on his positive approach to learning which has seen him make pleasing progress this year. He is a conscientious student with an enquiring mind as demonstrated in all his science investigations. James regularly shares his work and experiences through his delightful photographs and audio work.

  • Christos Felekis
    Christos Felekis

    Christos has been successful in combining SIDE schoolwork whilst attending school overseas. He is to be congratulated on the significant improvement shown in all learning areas. Christos’s Showtime videos have been very informative and entertaining to watch.

  • Moreton Harslett
    Moreton Harslett
    Australian Traveller

    Moreton has successfully combined his Australian travels and school work this year. His attitude and approach to learning has been exceptional and his enthusiasm and motivation has resulted in work of a high standard.

    His well-documented travel experiences, curiosity about the world and the support provided by his home tutors have all enriched his learning this year.

  • Riley Keith
    Riley Keith

    Riley is to be congratulated for the firm commitment he has made to his SIDE program while living in Japan this year. He has demonstrated a positive approach in his set work, has shown initiative in his learning and returned work regularly. Riley is a student who is keen to improve his skills, he acts on advice given and is willing to revise, consolidate and build on his understandings. It has been a pleasure sharing in the significant progress he has made as he devoted full effort to his SIDE studies this year.

  • Amber Ladyman
    Amber Ladyman
    New Zealand

    Amber is to be congratulated on the significant improvement shown in all areas this year, especially in reading and writing. Her work is beautifully presented and is always a pleasure to mark.

  • Taj Roberts
    Taj Roberts

    Taj is a committed student with an unwavering enthusiasm for everything he attempts. He is to be congratulated for successfully combining full time school in Japan, SIDE schoolwork and many extracurricular activities. This year Taj’s results have been outstanding. He is thoroughly deserving of the Achievement Award for 2016.

  • Seaton Screaigh
    Seaton Screaigh

    Seaton perseveres well, takes pride in his work and produces work of a high standard. He works through tasks thoroughly, making the most of every learning opportunity by sharing his ideas and activities. Seaton acts on given advice and is willing to improve his skills. It is always a pleasure to review his work and see the growth in his understandings and skills.

  • Tahlia Stoker
    Tahlia Stoker

    Tahlia approaches learning with enthusiasm and curiosity. She is a resilient and positive student who always works to the best of her ability and consistently produces work of a high standard. Her commitment to learning is to be commended.

  • Reid Wholagan
    Reid Wholagan
    Margaret River

    Awarded to Reid for his increased effort this semester. He has worked hard to produce quality work and is an eager participant in online lessons. It is pleasing to see Reid’s confidence improve, aswell as his ability to work independently.