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Congratulations to all primary leavers.

Georgia Antoniou Saarah Amiruddin  Rikki Ashton Harris
Jake Beeck Isabella Cooper Jadyn Dowling
Charles Edwards Megan Fitt Charlie Flaniga
Evan Gardiner Isabella George Matilda Jones
Nevan Kosagi Katherine Mullaney Nikita Nionay
Zoe Nix Taylah Preston Dominik Pufke
Ellah Rayner Fadwa Saleh Maryam Samatar
Seaton Screaigh Austin Stanes Isabella Triscari
Benjamin Whitting    

Congratulations to all primary award winners.

  • Year 6 - Katherine Mullaney
    Year 6 - Katherine Mullaney
    Katherine approaches learning with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. She is organised, self-motivated and always works to the best of her ability. Her commitment to learning is to be commended. It has been a joy to have Katherine in my class. Congratulations on your fine results Katherine.
  • Year 6 - Seaton Screaigh
    Year 6 - Seaton Screaigh
    Seaton has had a highly successful school year. He has maintained his high standards by being diligent, providing excellent presentation of sets. He has demonstrated a depth of understanding and skill in all subjects, in particular the new curricula studied this year. Seaton has demonstrated a high level of independent learning abilities and a thoughtful approach to his studies. Seaton consistently attends regular online lessons where he shares willingly and contributes enthusiastically. Congratulations on your fine efforts and success at school this year, Seaton.
  • Year 6 - Saarah Amiruddin
    Year 6 - Saarah Amiruddin
    Saarah is a motivated student who consistently returns work of a very high standard. Many sets were presented this year using a variety of new software. She capably uses a variety of digital media to enhance the presentation of major tasks. Her study of novels and the writing of short stories have been exemplary. Saarah has demonstrated a high level of independent learning skills and a mature approach to her studies. She regularly attends online lessons where she is enthusiastically involved in leading activities and assisting other students. She is actively involved in a range of out of school social and cultural groups that greatly enhance her learning. Congratulations on your fine efforts this year, Saarah.
  • Year 5 - Emily Grey
    Year 5 - Emily Grey
    Emily is an enthusiastic and interested student who enjoys learning new things. It has been a pleasure to watch her mature and gain confidence in her ability this year. Emily perseveres and works steadily to return her work on time and to a good standard. It has been a pleasure having Emily in this class. Congratulations, Emily.
  • Year 4 - Lily Boxshall-Holmes
    Year 4 - Lily Boxshall-Holmes
    Lily has demonstrated a positive and enthusiastic approach to her schooling whilst sailing with her family. She is to be congratulated on the significant improvement shown in her work this year. It is pleasing to see Lily’s confidence improve, as well as her ability to work independently. Well done, Lily.
  • Year 3 - Nathaniel Herbert
    Year 3 - Nathaniel Herbert
    Nathaniel is to be congratulated on returning work of a high standard all year. He always strives to do his best, takes pride in his work, responds positively to all advice and returns work regularly. He has contributed keenly in his daily online classes. It has been a pleasure having Nathaniel in my class and seeing the steady growth of his skills over the year.
  • Year 2 - Yusuf Amiruddin
    Year 2 - Yusuf Amiruddin
    Yusuf’s dedication to the SIDE program and his positive approach to life and learning are to be commended. He is a highly motivated student who consistently produces work of an outstanding quality. Yusuf’s strengths are evident in his meticulous planning and researching abilities as demonstrated in the detailed and thorough work submitted throughout the year. He has developed and demonstrated excellent use of digital technologies and is an animated and confident communicator in online lessons. Working with Yusuf has been very rewarding.
  • Year 2 - Matthew Bussola
    Year 2 - Matthew Bussola
    Matthew has blossomed into a confident and conscientious student. He has been immersed in a supportive learning environment and has taken every opportunity from the varied educational opportunities offered, to extend his skills and knowledge. He has made significant achievements in all learning areas. Matthew’s maturity is evident in his approach to communicating with others in the online lessons. Well done Matthew!
  • Year 2 - Elian Shackel
    Year 2 - Elian Shackel
    Elian has developed into a successful and enthusiastic student who consistently produces work of an excellent standard. Her stimulating and supporting learning environment has guaranteed her ongoing success in all areas. Elian is to be commended on her conscientious effort and commitment to learning.
  • Year 1 - Ethan Bussola
    Year 1 - Ethan Bussola
    Ethan has worked very hard this year and his efforts have culminated in significant gains in all learning areas. He has particularly improved his speaking and listening skills in online lessons. Ethan’s level of participation has increased as his confidence has grown. Well done on your achievements this year, Ethan.
  • Year 1 - Mira Wojdylo
    Year 1 - Mira Wojdylo
    Mira is a motivated student who has a positive and enthusiastic approach to all learning opportunities. It has been a delight to watch her many videos this year which have showcased the effort and dedication put into her schoolwork. Mira has consistently returned work of a high standard and has given her best efforts at all times. Congratulations Mira.
  • Pre Primary - Levi Black
    Pre Primary - Levi Black
    Levi is to be congratulated on for his improvement in all learning areas and maintaining regular work returns whilst living in Thailand this year. He always strives to do his best, takes pride in his work and has presented work to a commendable standard. It has been a pleasure having Levi this year and observing the great progress he has achieved.
  • Kindergaten - Paige St John
    Kindergaten - Paige St John
    Paige is to be congratulated on her positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning. She consistently produces work of a high standard, accompanied by creative art pieces. It has been a pleasure guiding Paige through her kindergarten year and observing her admirable progress.

Science Awards

The recipients of this award have shown a curiosity and a desire to experiment and investigate.  They have used the scientific process to problem solve and extend thier knowledge.

Taylah Preston Evan Gardiner
Taylah Preston   Evan Gardiner