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Evolutionary biologist Dr Elizabeth Sinclair is coming to SIDE.

Dr Sinclair's research focuses on patterns of genetic diversity and connectivity at different spatial scales in temperate Australian seagrasses (Posidonia spp.), from clonal diversity, mating systems, population genetics, long distance dispersal and recruitment. Genetic patterns are interpreted using a multidisciplinary approach – oceanography, regional hydrodynamic spatial modelling, and life history traits (pollen and seed dispersal and recruitment), with implication for seagrass restoration. Her current research focuses on understanding genomic diversity, gene expression and adaptation in changing marine environmental conditions for Shark Bay’s large temperate seagrasses. 

SIDE students are invited to a Webex session with this gifted educator on Friday 21st August at 9.30 am. Students should approach their Science teachers for more details.

Find out more about Dr Sinclair's research at

National Science Weel 2020

‘Deep blue: innovation for the future of our oceans’ is the 2020 National Science Week theme.

Nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Most of the water on Earth is saltwater, found in oceans and seas. As an island Australia is surrounded by oceans. They are home to an amazing range of animals and plants. Their kelp forests keep our air clean. They provide us with food, employment and pleasure. Yet the oceans are also under threat.

Find out more about oceans this week. Discover and learn about:

  • marine animals and plants, and their habitats
  • making the oceans cleaner
  • using clean energy created by oceans
  • being responsible fishers
  • exploring the oceans’ depths
  • developing sustainable use of the oceans
  • protecting the oceans from climate change.

Talk to your teachers about what you will be doing in science this week. To find out more about National Science Week and events in your community, go to