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Languages for SIDE Primary Years 3-6

As part of the SIDE K-6 curriculum, all students from Years 3-6 are required to study another language. We offer the choice of Chinese, French, Italian, Indonesian or Japanese. Your choice may depend on languages previously studied, where you will be residing or which language is offered by the school your child will be returning to.

Our requirements are a little different. Students need to attend 2 x 40 minute online Language lessons per week. These are delivered by language specialist teachers via Webex. Students receive a booklet of worksheets to be used during lessons and many other resources will be used online. Work outside of lessons is not generally required unless lessons are missed.

Students may be in a class with other travelling students, students from the Schools of the Air, or those studying at smaller regional Western Australian primary schools. You will be contacted by Languages staff to negotiate a time for your child’s language lessons.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our program.