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Taylah is a Year 12 SIDE student who is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by SIDE workplace learning courses.

Taylah lives in a remote area of our state at 80 Mile Beach in the Kimberley. This has not hindered her school-to-work goals. She works at the 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park in an office/administration role.

Many jobs and career exploration opportunities in regional Western Australia are found through personal networks. Local people have extensive contacts in their field of expertise. Going on a work placement gives students the chance to get to know people in an industry area, experience a career pathway and develop job specific work skills. If a good impression is made they are more likely to be offered a job or build up a network of key people who can recommend them to other employers.

SIDE workplace learning teachers work with students and their families to access on-the-job training in their local area.

COVID-19 has delayed Taylah’s training, but her SIDE workplace learning teacher says she should be congratulated for her work ethic and initiative in achieving her career goals.