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Where and how do you do your school work?

The beginning of Term 2 is a great time to revisit study habits and to make improvements for the coming term.

Look at your Term 1 Interim Report. Ask your teachers via email or phone if anything has changed since the report was completed. Are you on track to achieve your goals?

If you are worried about how Covid-19 has impacted on your progress, please discuss this with your teachers. They understand your challenges and willing to be flexible and supportive.

Successful SIDE students are organised and independent. Fast Track to SIDE has excellent information about organising yourself and examples of timetables and composite work completion calendars.

Setting up

Make sure that you have:

  • a place to do your school work
  • information technology to communicate with teachers and your classmates, and to participate in Webex lessons and use Moodle resources
  • a regular timetable. Download a blank timetable for Year 7-10 or Year 11 and 12. Amend times as required. Add in your Webex classes and other commitments, and then plan time for all your subjects. Look at this Year 7 or Year 11 example for ideas.
  • a composite work completion calendar. This allows you to plan for your assessments across the term or semester. Year 7-10 should click the links below for a part-completed work completion calendar for English, HaSS, Maths, Science and Health. Double check all the assessment dates because there have been changes during Term 1 in some learning areas where assessments have been moved to Term 2.
    Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
    Year 11 and 12 click here for a blank work completion calendar. Use the Course and Assessment Outlines provided by teachers in Moodle to complete assessment details and when they are due. Look at an example in Fast Track to SIDE.

Personal organisation is important. Find out what former SIDE students say about their organisation.