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We look forward to seeing them soon in Webex and Moodle classes.

COVID-19 continues to impact upon our lives. As we continue to practise healthy habits like hand hygiene and social distancing, the rate of infection continues to decrease. The Premier and the Minister for Education have announced a soft opening to Term 2 in WA public schools.

SIDE is already an online school. Our teachers are experienced in online learning. In Term 2 all students studying at SIDE will participate using Webex for weekly face-to-face lessons and Moodle for online resources and activities.

Existing home-based students will experience no real changes.

The parents or carers of SIDE’s school-based students can choose whether students work from home or from their base school, however, Year 11 and Year 12 students are strongly encouraged to attend school where possible.

If your child has unreliable computer or internet access from home, then you are encouraged to contact their teachers to discuss alternate arrangements.

Assistance for parents

Helpful information for parents of school-based SIDE students studying from home, can be found on Department of Education’s web page, Setting up a learning environment

To support your family’s health and wellbeing the Department also has excellent information at Support for parents and carers.

SIDE staff are also available to provide support.

Primary (K-6)

Tundie Jones, Deputy Principal, T: 9311 1447
Your child’s teacher.

Secondary (7-12)

Shane Yardley, Deputy Principal, Students, T: 9311 1402
Vicki Masters, Student Services Coordinator, T: 9311 1400
Your child’s teacher or Student Coordinator.

Coronavirus image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay