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Eight SIDE senior school students participated in the Halogen Australia Young Leaders Day in March.

The Perth event was created to educate and inspire young people on the subject of leadership. Accompanied by Student Coordinator Stacey Mylonas, the students heard from leaders in different fields who spoke of their life journeys and shared insights into how they reached their goals.

Jenna Gold (Year 12) reflected on the day.

The Halogen Young Leaders Day was an inspirational, eye-opening experience. Throughout the day we listened to many motivational speakers including John Coutis, Eamon Sullivan, Dana Hooker and Lachie Smart, learning about their stories, and the skills and values that made them successful. I enjoyed and related most to Lachie Smart, the youngest man to fly solo around the world. His speech was influential as he spoke about the resilience needed to overcome all the obstacles that get in your way. He explained the importance of finding strength in your values and taking every opportunity you are given. The concept of setbacks being the foundation to success is something that really resonated with me. I feel like this is relatable and essential to understand and learn from experiences. Overall the day was successful and inspiring. I learnt a lot about perseverance and overcoming things that come in your way.