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SIDE’s Year 6 Leavers celebrated the end of their primary schooling on 13 December, getting together with other SIDE students who were in Perth at the time. They joined Year 6 teachers, Brad Woodbrook and Janine Denner, for lunch at the Hyatt Hotel.

2019 Hyatt Hotel Meetup

During the lunch, they reminisced about their time with SIDE Primary and were presented with their Leaver Certificates and a Leavers’ Booklet.

SIDE Year 6 Leavers represent the range of students studying with SIDE for diverse reasons: travelling around Australia; living overseas; those who are unwell and unable to attend a regular school; or, those who are pursuing their talents. All students, regardless of their reasons for attending SIDE, have positive words to say about their time at the school.

Some students remember special guests presenting on Webex like Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Red Room Poetry) and Morris Gleitzman (Authors Online):


My favourite memory was the Webex with Scott-Patrick Mitchell [Red Room Poetry] when I was sitting in the middle of a café in Monteville because all of the people there thought I was mad as it looked like I was talking to myself.


Others recall the lessons, the assessments they did, and the relationship with their teachers and other students:


The activities are fun and the science projects are challenging. We had to conduct some hard experiments that I don’t think I would get the chance to do at a mainstream school.


Many students reflected on the flexibility provided by SIDE:


I like how I can travel and go places but still do all my schoolwork because SIDE is online and I can do it anywhere I go.


We wish all our Year 6 Leavers well in their transition to high school and success in their secondary schooling.