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Thinking about visiting SIDE in Term 3 or 4. Read about Billy's experience.

Billy, a Year 12 student from Albany recently visited SIDE and made the most of his opportunity by staying at SIDE’s accommodation village for four days. He spent time with his teachers and researching his post-school options. His experience serves as a great example of how students can benefit from an extended visit to SIDE.

During his visit, Billy worked intensively with his teachers to set goals for the high grades necessary to be competitive in the workforce. He also participated in key mentor meetings and site visits linked to his interest in heavy vehicle mechanics.

Billy said,

The four-day visit to SIDE was great as I was able to meet with key people and they helped me with developing my ideas and exploring new opportunities. I’m very appreciative of all the help I received.

Year 12 students who are interested spending time at SIDE working with their teachers and considering their post-school options should contact their Student Coordinator.