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Halogen gathers together prominent leaders from all walks of life to be part of The National Young Leaders Day.

These one day conferences are held across Australia for primary and secondary students. Six SIDE students participated in the Perth event. The event was divided into three sessions, each of which has one or two speakers, short videos, learning exercises and opportunities for students to be involved and to interact with one another.

Here is what the students who attended thought of the event.

  • Absolutely inspiring! I really enjoyed the National Young Leaders Day. It was touching and enlightening to hear stories from war-torn Afghanistan and insights into bullying from Akram Azimi. Jade Slater and the Cotton On Foundation’s work are exciting and helping to change the world. Leisel Jones’ journey as an elite swimmer and her strategies for success, were inspiring. This was a wonderful experience that motivated me to continue to pursue my passion and follow my dreams.
  • I gained so much from the experience of attending the 2019 National Young Leaders Day and I feel so grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend this event. We listened to 4 different speakers who all brought very inspiring and different messages about the importance of good leadership. I feel that I have gained so much more knowledge and awareness of the incredible power we all have as individuals to make change in our world today.
  • The National Young Leaders day was a great success and I loved the experience. I really enjoyed listening to the four speakers who had great experience and knowledge. It was so heart-warming to listen to people who were role models that showed empathy and strong leadership qualities. I felt so touched after listening to these four speakers’ journeys and stories throughout their life. I walked away feeling really motivated to try and make more of a difference in society today.
  • I was privileged to attend the Halogen Young Leader’s Day at the Perth Convention Centre with some of my fellow Year 12 students and my student coordinator. I enjoyed hearing from people who had found success through their leadership, and learning about their opinions on goal-setting, motivation and youth voice. I especially enjoyed listening to Liesel Jones speak about her journey through trying to become an Olympian. Sports and dance are so similar, and a lot of the information that she shared was highly relevant to myself and my peers. She spoke about the steps that she believes are most important to success and provided the audience with ways that she applied these steps to her journey to becoming an Olympian. The entire day had a great atmosphere with both primary and secondary school students having information related to them and speakers that were relevant to all age groups.