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Red Room Poetry Object is Australasia’s largest free poetry-writing competition for students and teachers. Poetry Object invites young writers to create, publish and submit poems inspired by special objects.

SIDE students and staff began participating in 2016 and continued in 2017 and 2018. This year, English teacher Susan Cullen and Teacher Librarian Amy Rosato coordinated online lessons with guest presenter Lilly Blue for SIDE Years 3 to 10. Students brought an object that was special to them to the session, and Lilly encouraged them to think differently about the object, incorporating poetic language. A group poem was created and then students created a draft a poem about their object, ready to refine throughout the term. You can read more about this in the Resource Centre Blog.

Lots of students and staff participated and submitted their poems to the Red Room website. We were thrilled that Year 7 student, Fadwa's poem ' A Diamond Without its Case' was shortlisted this year in the secondary category, and Susan Cullen, one of our English teachers, had her poem ' Folded Swan', shortlisted in the teacher category. It was selected as one of the staff picks in the winner’s announcement on Thursday. It is based on an origami swan gifted to her by Ai, SIDE’s Lab Technician in Science.

You can read all the poems on the Red Room website.