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In 2018 more than a hundred Year 10 to 12 students enrolled in a popular on-the-job program at SIDE that can be used as part of WACE. The workplaces are diverse and many are located within or near students’ communities.

Workplace Learning is an endorsed program managed by specialist SIDE staff who help students enrol in the course, complete the required course activities, assist in identifying suitable workplaces and jobs, and visit and monitor student progress throughout the year.

Student reflections on their workplace

"I believe all students would benefit from this program!"

"Helped me to gain confidence in entering new workplaces."

"It allows student to work in a 'training' and protected environment where they can feel comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes."

"It helped me to be more confident, organised and motivated."

"I learnt so much, developed loads of new skills and brightened my future career prospects."

For more information about SIDE’s workplace learning program, contact Shane Murray on 9311 1666 or Gay Tierney on 9242 658.