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As part of National Science Week, Yamilée Toussaint shared her passions for STEM and dance with SIDE students in a webcast produced in partnership with Scitech.

Not being able to choose between her two interests of STEM and dance led Yamilée to start her STEM from Dance organisation. Her presentation focussed on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). She talked about how future generations will continue to depend on STEM to further develop different technologies. Yamilée shared her own experience with using applications such as Google maps and asked thought-provoking questions including; “How cool would it be to have a robot clean your room?” highlighting that someone will have to program and build it.

Yamilee STEM dance

Yamilée encouraged students to engage with STEM subjects to promote their ability to prepare for an ever-changing world - a world that will one day offer a career opportunity that has not even been thought of yet.

A huge thank you to Yamilée for her inspiring presentation.

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