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Students from SIDE recently attended the Halogen National Young Leaders Day at the Perth Convention Centre. Year 12 students Alysa, Charlotte, Fleur and Imke were accompanied by Student Services Coordinator Stacey Mylonas. They attended sessions with students from throughout Western Australia.

Our students were great representatives for SIDE. They enjoyed the day and commented that there were many ideas and messages from the day that they will reflect upon and use in their own lives.

In their own words. . .


On the eighth of March some of my classmates and I went to the National Young Leaders Day. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed the whole day. There were four speakers: John Coutis, Sarah Jamieson, Andrew Embley and Rick Ardon, all of whom were very inspirational and motivational. Each speaker talked about their experiences, how we can be leaders in our community, and had individual messages for students in the audience. What I learned from the day was: the importance of self-worth; how there is always someone better than you but that is OK; the impacts of bullying; the importance of goal setting; and, that reaching these goals will require sacrifices.


I was fortunate to attend the National Young Leaders Day. I found the whole day a really enjoyable and entertaining experience, as I was able to participate in activities and learn about the inspirational speakers as they shared their past experiences. Overall I found the whole day really inspirational as each speaker had many important, personal things to say, and they have shaped my ideas about how to become a young leader.


The National Young Leaders Day that we attended was a really great experience and I felt so privileged to represent the school. The hosts for the day were bright and had great energy, which was reflected in an excellent response from all of the students who attended. I felt the games were a really great way for us, as more isolated students, to engage with other schools and improve our social skills. The speaker John Coutis was the most inspirational to me, as his story was very motivational and helped me realise how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. I found Sarah Jamieson’s talk very interesting and relevant as we are in a similar situation to her; she was training to be an Olympic runner, and we are committed to our ballet studies. All of the speakers had something different to offer and I really enjoyed the day.