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META 2017

The art and design exhibition will be presented by North Metropolitan TAFE (2-18 August 2017).

Niamh both small Can you hear me?

Niamh Gallagher (Year 12 ATAR)

Black Pen on paper

330 X 500 mm (2 drawings)

‘This artwork conveys the youth of today and how our voices as well as opinions are not heard in society. Both portraits depict two young figures whose body language communicates the thoughts of feeling frustrated within society and the sense of almost giving up trying. The use of simple tools such as ball point pen and graphic pencil has interested me in recent times and I have created art works through the application of cross-hatching and hatching.’ Niamh G

St George’s Art exhibition

Exhibition held at St. George’s Cathedral (15-23 July 2017).

A struggle against conformity A struggle against conformity

Ashleigh Willmott (Year 12 ATAR)

Acrylic paint on canvas

610 X 900 mm

‘The screaming facial expression represents an individual and their struggles to stay their unique selves. The grey hands and paint imposing on the portrait represent how mainstream media and society pressure people with expectations that cause everyone to look the same.’ Ashleigh W

HyperVision Exhibition

Finalist artwork will be exhibited at Midland Gate Shopping Centre for three weeks from 3 July to 23 July 2017.

emotion frustration small Emotion Frustration

Mariah Prunster (Year 12 General)

Pencil drawing

A semi-finalist in HyperVision 2017

All images used by permission.