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The English Learning Area at SIDE is preparing to deliver twelve new Australian Curriculum online teaching cells in 2013.

The development process has been a collaboration between SIDE English staff and Digital Curriculum Services (formerly WestOne). It has involved planning, writing, trialling and refining teaching and learning materials to suit the diverse needs of SIDE's unique student cohort. The result is an exciting suite of 21st century curriculum cells with topics ranging from The World Online to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

SIDE Head of English, Linley TaylorThe English materials will be made available to Year 10 students in 2013 in SIDE's virtual learning environment, Moodle. The English Learning Area is currently designing a more student-centred online Moodle classroom with interactive features including blogs, galleries and forums. Writing of Year 9, Year 8 and Year 7 Australian Curriculum courses will follow in 2013.

Other learning areas at SIDE are busily planning and preparing for Australian Curriculum.

Education Ministers from all States and Territories signed off on the development of an national curriculum in 2008, and Phase 1 will include English, Mathematics, Sciences and History. It is expected implementation of Phase 1 will be complete in Western Australia by July 2015. Other subjects will follow.

More information can be found at the respective websites of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority and the W.A. Department of Education.