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What happens when you're confronted by the web nasties? What's the best course of action when you're bombarded with spam? How do you react to sleazy friend requests or offensive wall posts? And what's the best way to deal with strange spyware alerts or peculiar popups?

Grapple is a short interactive game simulating the online world, warts and all. When you play the Grapple game, you pit yourself against a barrage of cyber-threats and negative online events as you attempt to navigate the online world safely and securely.

The Grapple cyber-safety challengeWe at SIDE take cyber-safety very seriously. Presented in conjunction with Roar Educate, Grapple is one of a number of engaging resources and activities used to promote safe, enjoyable use of the internet being deployed in our classes through Moodle.  It's everyone's business to know how to work safely online, and students, parents, teachers and the wider community are encouraged to take the Grapple challenge. You're almost guaranteed to be a little wiser when you've done it.

Click here to take the Grapple challenge!