Article Index

Foundation Course Awards

English English Raymond Binsiar
Kimberly Ryder
Mathematics Mathematics Trevor Hayden

Preliminary Units

English Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 Taniayah Phillips
Mathematics Units 1, 3 and 4 Taniayah Phillips
The Arts Visual Arts Units 3 and 4 Alexandra Nicolae

Certificates/Endorsed Programs

Business Studies Cert II Business Kimberly Ryder
Cert II Financial Services Jettson Brown
Career Education ASDAN Workright Taniayah Phillips
Authority Developed Workplace Learning Sethen Sheehan-Lee
School Based Traineeship Lauren Rutherford
Languages Certificate II Applied Languages (Japanese) Ingrid Young
Learning Support ASDAN - Short Courses:
 - Animal Care
 - Hair and Beauty
 - Hospitality
Darcie Watts
ASDAN - Towards Independence:
 - Horticulture
 - Independent Living
 - Making Pictures
Lewis Davies
Technologies Cert II Information, Digital Media and Technologies James Hazell
The Arts Cert II Creative Industries Sethen Sheehan-Lee