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ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Awarded by the Australian Defence Force to Daniel Downey who demonstrates leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community and who displays strong values.

Australian Super Award for Excellence in VET

Awarded to VET student Sethen Sheehan-Lee who has demonstrated energy and integrity in his chosen VET study and shown commitment to his personal and skills development.

Caltex Best All Rounder Award

Awarded to Luca Bonini who excels in a range of categories including academic, personal conduct and leadership.

Certificate of Merit

Awarded to Brearley Mitchell, Fleur de Lys Robinson and Joshua Sone.

This School Curriculum and Standards Authority award is based on grades achieved by students in their schools. Points are accumulated over the senior schooling years.

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Certificate

The Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Certificate is presented to

Jemma Hallett for an outstanding result in ATAR Economics.
Sena Lefroy for an outstanding result in ATAR Accounting.

Curtin Principal’s Recommendation

Awarded to Fleur de Lys Robinson and Charlotte Spraggs the two highest achieving Year 12 students who have selected Curtin University as their first or second preference.

NMERO Commitment To Excellence Award

Awarded to Tawpojita Das Sarker who has achieved well academically and contributed to school and community life.

Principal's Art Award

Repercussions by Alyssa BushAwarded to Alyssa Bush who has produced an outstanding studio piece, as determined by the Principal.

Alyssa is a thoughtful and industrious student from Mount Barker Community College. Her family have lived in that area for many years and she was moved by the devastating bushfires that razed the land around her.

In her words:

"Despite being warned not to, locals lit up fires in this storm which lead to three days of about 27 massive bush fires raging… they left behind nothing but people and ashes… and the occasional burnt out tree stump."

This unique ‘stump’ idea was her symbolic response to this devastation. Through paperbark collected from the environment around her, wire mesh, string lights and spray-paint, she has created a visual representation of the pain and suffering that occurs to both people and nature. Alyssa’s work stands one-metre-tall and is a worthy winner of the SIDE Principal’s Art Award 2018.

Student Leadership Award Patrick Gorman: Federal Member for Perth

Awarded to Stephanie Stockbauer who has demonstrated leadership in the community. Stephanie has achieved well academically and made a positive contribution to the lives of others.

The Couch TV Award for Media Production

Awarded to George Farrugia for an outstanding result in ATAR Media Production and Analysis.

UWA Excellence Award

Awarded by UWA to Joshua Sone as the most likely to succeed at university and who has chosen to study at UWA.