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Congratulations to all students in Years 7 to 10 listed below who have achieved excellence in a range of special categories in 2015.

The Principal’s Awards

are presented to students who consistently demonstrate the SIDE values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. These students have been selected as demonstrating the strongest commitment to learning and excellence at SIDE.

  • Zachary Crowther

    Zachary Crowther has been a home based student this year, coming from Port Hedland SOTA at the end of 2014. He is to be congratulated on his mature and independent approach to his schooling via a distance mode.

    Zachary is a positive, enthusiastic and productive contributor in Saba across all of his courses and interacts well with his peers, often providing encouragement to them.

    Zachary is capable, organised and self-motivated which has greatly assisted the successes he has had at SIDE. He actively seeks feedback from teachers and will make contact to discuss course content when required.

    His work ethic and excellent attitude have enabled him to work hard to complete all set task work requirements despite a number of occasions, where the internet was unreliable, or the family had to be away for personal reasons. Zachary has always followedwork schedules and demonstrated good time management skills which have also contributed to his many successes this year.

    Jade Hamilton

    Jade is a courteous and conscientious student who displays an excellent attitude towards her school studies. She participates with enthusiasm under challenging circumstances, travelling with her family around Australia. Jade is to be congratulated on her outstanding results and thoroughly deserves this award.

    Austin Jones

    Austin is living in Uganda and, despite the difficulties he experiences with accessing Saba lessons, has made an excellent start to his Secondary SIDE studies. Austin is a conscientious and capable student and has demonstrated outstanding time management skills over the year. His efforts to succeed as an independent learner are to be commended.

    Rouben Kirkwood

    Rouben is a courteous and capable student who has achieved some outstanding results this year. He can be particularly proud of his achievements considering the disruption to his school program experienced by moving schools. Rouben thoroughly deserves this award.

    Antonio Marcus

    Marcus is an able student who has made an excellent start to his secondary education. He has worked consistently and conscientiously to meet assessment deadlines. Marcus has not let his inability to attend Saba sessions ‘live’ limit his academic achievement and is to be commended for working independently.

    Holly Menzes

    Holly has achieved excellent results in 2015 while enrolled in a full time Ballet program. She is an enthusiastic, highly motivated student who always gives her best in every situation. Holly has consistently produced high quality work, coping well with the demanding schedule of school and dance. Holly fully deserves this recognition.

    Chloe Ransom

    Chloe is to be commended for her hard work and determination in all the subjects she has studied in 2015. She is a Geographically Isolated student who has studied eight subjects through SIDE. Overall, she has achieved excellent results and displayed strong independent learning skills. She has remained organised, motivated and engaged throughout the year and has set a good foundation for her future studies. Chloe is fully deserving of this award.

  • Tricia Reyes

    Tricia is an extremely diligent and dedicated student. She has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to her learning. Tricia actively seeks, and acts upon, feedback from her teachers as she strives for excellence in all of her learning areas. Congratulations, Tricia.

    Sean Beer

    As one of SIDE’s most remotely located students living at Billiluna Station, Kururrungku Community on the Tanami Track in the East Kimberley, Sean has overcome significant challenges of distance to achieve excellent results. Despite unreliable internet access, Sean has worked diligently, independently and with enthusiasm. He is a mature and confident student who, by being fully involved in the SIDE online learning community, has impressed his teachers.

    Hail Arriola

    Hail is an exemplary student who has achieved outstanding results in his studies in 2015. He has proven himself to be highly competent and motivated in all facets of his learning. Hail is a worthy recipient of this award.

    Ruzell Curita

    Ruzell has displayed a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards his learning in 2015. He has consistently produced work of a high standard and has achieved commendable results. Ruzell has been focused, self-motivated and engaged and deserves this recognition of his efforts.

    Crystal Patriana Mildwaters

    Crystal is a committed and organised student, who has shown that she has the ability to balance her educational career with her sporting ambitions. Crystal is currently ranked at number one in the state in Tennis, and has developed an approach to her studies that allows her to succeed in both.

  • Talia Basso Brusa

    Talia is a polite and conscientious student. Her enthusiasm for learning is evident in her contributions to all her classwork, both oral and written. Talia is to be congratulated on this year’s outstanding results and is most deserving of this award.

    Hannah Ivanoff

    Hannah is a conscientious and capable student. She is an independent learner who regularly makes positive contributions in online lessons. Hannah is to be congratulated on her excellent results this semester and thoroughly deserves this award.

    Leah Whitmore

    Leah has worked capably and diligently in all her subjects and has achieved excellent results. She is based at Shark Bay School but has completed all her subjects online through SIDE, demonstrating highly accomplished organisational skills. Leah has been an extremely motivated and disciplined student in 2015 and is thoroughly deserving of this award.

    Charlotte Spraggs

    Charlotte has maintained an excellent standard in 2015. She is diligent, self-motivated, and organised, consistently producing high quality work. Charlotte has juggled school and a full time Ballet program and managed to achieve A grades in all her SIDE subjects. Charlotte is to be commended for her excellent attitude and work ethic.

    Cody Nokola Latkovski

    Cody Nikola is a diligent, highly motivated student who has achieved a high level of success with his SIDE studies this year.

    He has demonstrated strong organisational and time management skills which are crucial to the distance education mode of learning. Cody Nikola is to be commended for his inquisitive mind and enthusiastic, mature approach to his education.

  • Dior Maddalena

    Dior has achieved excellent results in the subjects she has studied at SIDE whilst also engaged in a full-time dance program. She is a highly organised and motivated student and works hard at all times to achieve the best possible outcomes. Her maturity and work ethic will ensure she continues to make excellent progress.

    Lara Fenna

    Lara has achieved excellent results in the eight subjects she has studied with SIDE whilst also engaged in a full-time dance program. She demonstrates a mature approach to her studies and is a high achiever in all areas of her life. Her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence will ensure that she experiences continued success.

    Mika setiaputra

    Mika is a very capable, highly motivated and independent learner who strives to achieve the best results. He is following an ATAR pathway and shows the maturity necessary to undertake such a strong maths science academic course. He is deserving of recognition of the effort and time he has dedicated to his academic pursuits.