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SIDE is a Teacher Development School: Languages. Five languages can be studied at SIDE; Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian and Japanese in Years K-12. Learning a language through SIDE is fun, technologically exciting and challenging. SIDE Language teachers are highly trained and experienced.

Primary Languages Program is available to Western Australian regional and remote primary schools unable to access a face-to-face languages teacher. Schools apply to be part of this P-6 program. Click here to find out more.

SIDE Primary (Years 3-6) provides language instruction to children attending SIDE Primary School. Click here to find out more.

SIDE Lower Secondary (Years 7-10). Check out the extract from Lower Secondary Curriculum Handbook for Years 7-10 to find out more about the languages offered in these years.

SIDE Senior Secondary (Years 11-12). ATAR courses are offered in five languages. Certificate courses are offered in Japanese. For further details click the relevant link.

Year 11 Chinese French Indonesian Italian Japanese
Year 12 Chinese French Indonesian Italian Japanese

Please see the Languages Enrolments page for specific SCSA requirements for Year 11 and 12 language course enrolments.