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Mini Industry Roadshow recently visited the incredible remote communities of Gascoyne Junction and Burringurrah, where our trainers engaged not only the students but also community members in an array of practical hands-on skills attainment sessions in Automotive, Plumbing, and Cabinet Making/Carpentry. The sessions not only actively trained students in useful skills but also provided invaluable insights into various trades and possible future pathways for the youth of these remote communities.

The curiosity exhibited by the students during the training sessions was nothing short of exceptional. Students enthusiastically engaged in the learning activities offered by our trainers from SIDE’s D&T department and Cabinetry in Schools WA. Students also developed real-world applications for their newly obtained skills by creating projects that focused on supporting their greater community.

We had a tremendous time working with Gascoyne Junction RCS and Burringurrah RCS and can’t wait to head back to these amazing communities in the future. SIDE is proud to continue supporting and nurturing young budding talents and the communities they live in.

Burringurrah Remote Community School

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Hello Crystle,

Thank you for bringing up the Mini Industry Roadshow from SIDE once again. Our students, staff and community members really enjoyed the hands-on activities and learning.

There was a lot of information gained in the motor vehicle workshop with tyres being plugged and oil changed etc which the students really enjoyed. Also, the students enjoyed doing woodwork and learning about right angles etc.

You and your team are providing an important service in bringing the Mini Industry Roadshow to our remote Aboriginal community, giving students and some community the opportunity to understand the various roles that may be open to them in the future. They would otherwise not have the exposure to these trades.

We hope to see you all again back in Burringurrah in 2024.

Jasmine Harris
Burringurrah RCS

Gascoyne Junction Remote Community School

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Hi Crystle,

I would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for your recent visit to Gascoyne Junction RCS with your Mini Industry Roadshow from SIDE. Our students spoke highly of the program and they enjoyed both the practical aspects of the program as well as having a good understanding of the theory that they learnt. Our students would not have had access to high quality industry presenters in different trades without such an initiative.

I especially appreciated the professional manner in which your workshops were managed and the clear communication from you about all aspects of the roadshow. I have attached the newsletter blurb about this event that was sent to school families and the general community as part of our school newsletter.

Once again, thanks for providing our students with this unique opportunity, we look forward to having similar workshops at our school again next year.

Jackie Miller
Gascoyne Junction RCS