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SIDE's Mini Industry Roadshow recently embarked on an exciting careers tour to the picturesque Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The tour provided outstanding skills training to the students from One Arm Point RCS, Looma RCS, and Wyndham DHS communities. Throughout the tour, students had the opportunity to participate in skills workshops conducted by experts from Stemsmart, Ricochet Circus, and Harry Perkin's Institute of Medical Research, whose industry professionals provided exceptional training and enriching learning experiences designed to inspire students to consider some new exciting and possible career pathways.

The workshops delved into various fields, enabling students to explore cutting-edge technologies and industries. Stemsmart introduced young learners to the fascinating world of virtual reality (VR) and robotics, allowing them to witness firsthand the immense potential of these fields. Ricochet Circus shared insights into the intricacies of business management, equipping students with the valuable knowledge to drive entrepreneurial endeavours and exploring how they could make a business out of their passions and dreams. Lastly, Harry Perkin's Institute of Medical Research shed light on the captivating field of bioengineering, inspiring students to explore a career in medical research and STEM through hands-on fun activities exploring the innovative advancements possible through medical research and its potential for improving our lives.

The Mini Industry Roadshow's visit to the Kimberley was a resounding success, providing students from One Arm Point RCS, Looma RCS, and Wyndham DHS the opportunity to explore different career paths and learn from actual industry professionals, while also equipping the students with valuable skills attainment that they can utilise within their communities.

SIDE Careers Department would like to thank the staff from One Arm Point RCS, Looma RCS, and Wyndham DHS for their cooperation and support throughout this tour.

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