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SIDE in conjunction with DTWD, recently toured The Mini Industry Roadshow up to the picturesque town of Exmouth, Western Australia, engaging the wonderful Year 9 cohort in a program designed to impart skills in a range of creative and technical fields, including drone piloting, virtual reality experiences, mini-robot control, visual dialogue, graphic novel creation, visual illustration, business management, and movie and theatre stunt work.

The three trainers sourced for the Exmouth Mini Industry Roadshow initiative were Aśka Storytelling, Head Over Heels, and StemSmart, all of whom brought unique skills and industry perspectives to the program.

Aśka Storytelling taught students the art of visual storytelling, helping students to create engaging mini-graphic novels and explore how they can effectively convey meaning through pictures.

Head Over Heels showed students the exciting world of creating your own business and how, through entrepreneurship, trainer Michele became a highly successful movie and theatre stunt performer, encouraging students to think creatively about how to make their interests into careers.

StemSmart offered hands-on engaging training in drone piloting, VR experiences, and mini-robot programming in an exciting competition-driven workshop.

Exmouth’s Mini Industry Roadshow was a great opportunity for students to develop a range of valuable skills, from technical proficiency to creative problem-solving and critical thinking. Moreover, it provided a glimpse into potential career paths that students might not have otherwise considered and allowed them to explore new areas of interest.