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The Mini Industry Roadshow, a collaboration between SIDE and DTWD, recently took the career workshop out to the beautiful remote town of Jigalong in the Western Australian Pilbara. The Mini Industry Roadshow initiative is aimed at providing students with hands-on experience in a range of industries, expanding their world of work possibilities, as well as exploring potential career paths that students might not have otherwise considered in their community.

The students had the opportunity to learn from the three trainers; Leon Ewing, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, and StemSmart.

Leon Ewing explored sound engineering and music video creation with students; in the workshop students recorded their music loops, using sound generators as well as recording regional language to create exciting soundscapes, they then videoed around the school to create a ‘Jigalong music video’.

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research’s teaching laboratory trainer, Steven Blake, brought the wonderful and varied world of medical research to Jigalong. Steven ‘blow’ students and teacher’s minds with exciting chemical experiments as soon as they arrived in the workshop and challenged students to build their own ‘bionic’ limbs from materials they could easily access, and the students did not disappoint! Creating amazing examples of functioning limbs while also learning about how the muscles and tendons work in the hand.

Blake from StemSmart wowed everyone with fun and engaging hands-on engaging training in drone piloting, VR experiences, and mini-robot programming in his exciting competition-driven workshop.

The students and staff at Jigalong remote community school were incredibly enthusiastic and inquisitive, treating the trainers with respect and making the trip a truly amazing experience. The stunning desert landscape on the drive to the school only added to the experience, making it one that the trainers are eager to repeat.

The Mini Industry Roadshow was a fantastic initiative for Jigalong that provided valuable hands-on experience for students in a remote area of Western Australia. The students and staff were engaged and enthusiastic, and the trainers were thrilled to have had the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise.

Everything was well organised from your side, presenters were knowledgeable, approachable and friendly towards our students and staff. The presentations were fun, and engaging and I think our students really benefitted from you guys coming out to visit us. It would be great if we could organise these visits more often.
Milos Zivkovic
Jigalong Remote Community School