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SIDE Careers have expanded the Year 9 Career Taster Program in 2023 with the transformative Mini Industry Roadshow initiative.

The program has enhanced career engagement in STEM and drones, scaffolding and rigging, and business entrepreneurship in Term 1 within selected small regional and remote schools. By partnering with educational institutions in the remote communities of Leonora, Wiluna, Leinster, and Laverton, SIDE aims to bridge the gap between these isolated areas and the rapidly evolving global job market. Through a blend of innovative digital learning platforms and hands-on workshops, SIDE has successfully empowered students to explore new career pathways, providing them with essential skills to help students thrive in a competitive future workforce. This Mini Industry Roadshow not only revitalizes students' interest in future pathway options but also fosters a sense of community and connection among students, SIDE educators, and industry professionals alike.

  • Student responses:
    • I really enjoyed working with Scooby in the circus and business area, I was more interested in the business area of the station, but the circus was very engaging
    • It was really good I learned so much
    • It was fun, especially the one that Aiden did (Rigging)
    • It was a fun experience, I want to learn more about running my own business
  • Teacher responses:
    • These kids can be hard to keep focused. Aiden, James and Scooby kept the boys in the group I was supervising engaged for the entire session with practical, hands-on activities and a spiel and manner that was well-suited to these kids. | Laverton School
    • All students were invited to participate in "hands-on" activities. The presenters were warm and approachable so students felt comfortable to ask questions. This was a valuable program, our students rarely have incursions that are directed to careers. | Leinster Community School
    • Students were engaged because each workshop captured their interest. The presenters were relatable and always made the students feel like 'You could do this too!' Just when they thought they'd been in a really good workshop, they were in another one that was uniquely different but just as interesting! | Laverton School
    • The presenters were very good and the kids were engaged and loved trying the different tasks. It was a very good day for the kids who got to try new things. They especially loved the remote-controlled tank and the virtual reality goggles. Thank you. | Wiluna Remote Community School
  • School responses:

    Programs like this offer much more than industry pathway knowledge. Students in remote schools like Laverton, who learn through online lessons and are less exposed to a variety of mainstream educational activities, miss the connection and experiences that mainstream classroom activities bring on a daily basis to face-to-face learners in the more urbanised areas.

    These workshops allow our students to gain industry pathway experiences but also engage in activities that increase wellbeing, foster optimism and enhance positive feelings which are essential protective factors for good mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Without programs like this, schools in regions like Laverton would not be able to fully cater for their student's needs holistically.

    Thank you for your time and effort to support the growth and development of our students, they were so engaged and absolutely loved every minute!


    Aaron Morton
    Deputy Principal
    Laverton School

Leinster Community School

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Wiluna Remote Community School

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