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Joshua finished high school with SIDE subjects in 2000. Now, he is a doctor.

When did you graduate from SIDE?

I finished high school in Mt Barker WA in 2000, with SIDE subjects in my final years there.

What did you do after finishing school?

I left Cranbrook and worked for a gap year on farms and boats around WA before studying Medicine at UWA for 6 years, getting married to the beautiful Catherine during uni. After another 6 years I had my GP ticket, and I’ve been working as a GP in Perth since, occasionally referring kids to SIDE when they’re too unwell for regular school attendance.

What are you doing now?

I work in a great GP practice and in nursing homes, and have four great kids to train up when not at work. Actually sometimes I take them on my nursing home rounds (photo above) so I get to combine the two! We’re about to move to a new GP job in the Torres Strait for some pre-high school adventure.

How did SIDE prepare you for life after school?

SIDE is great practice for the self-directed learning style it takes to get through uni and other types of training. Plus Geometry/Trigonometry helps when you’re reversing a boat trailer up a steep driveway!