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In 2014, Jacob graduated from SIDE. Now, he is a professional ballet dancer.

What did you do after finishing school?

After completing my academic studies with SIDE, I went on to continue my Ballet training with the Charlesworth Ballet Institute full-time. In 2015 I then moved to Mannheim, Germany, to complete both my Bachelor and Master of Arts in Dance. I then auditioned for dance companies around Germany, and received my first professional contract with the State Theater of Karlsruhe, Germany.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working and dancing in Germany, at the Theatre Koblenz.

How did SIDE prepare you for life after school?

SIDE prepared me by giving me a sense of independence and responsibility. Having to learn and study on your own, you must be self-sufficient and disciplined in order to succeed. I had some great teachers, and I found that the system worked very well for me. SIDE provided a solid base for me to be able to complete my academic studies whilst continuing to attend my ballet school full-time. Thank you SIDE!