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Rebecca Henggeler whose family live on Kachana Station in the Kimberley completed her schooling through distance education, first at the Kimberley School of the Air, and then as a SIDE student for five years of secondary schooling.

Army Reserves - Anzac Day
Commercial Pilot
An electrician at the Argyle Diamond Mine
Emergency Response Team training in fire fighting
I got my gyrocopter licence
I use to fly to and from the family property
A great way to explore the country side
Kachana Station - family property

When did you graduate from SIDE?

2007 was the year I completed TEE (now WACE) and graduated from SIDE.

What did you do after finishing school?

I took some time travelling Europe and Africa. I also joined the Army Reserves where I learned many new skills and spent a lot of time exploring remote and beautiful places in the Kimberley conducting surveillance exercises. I decided to get a Commercial Pilots Licence and flew for one of the local charter companies before completing an apprenticeship in Electrical Mechanics.

What are you doing now?

I work as an electrician at the Argyle Diamond Mine where I’m also part of the Emergency Response Team training in a range of activities including First Aid, Fire Fighting and Rope Rescue. Working a 2/1 roster I enjoy life on the family property in my weeks off. Not wanting to give up flying completely I got my gyrocopter licence. I use it to fly to and from the property, which is a great way to explore the countryside!

How did SIDE prepare you for life after school?

Completing my schooling through SIDE taught me to be very organised, disciplined and motivated. With perseverance these have now become some of my strongest abilities and have made it so much easier to cope with anything I have put my hand to.