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Year Level: Year 12
Codes: ATFSL
SCSA Syllabus link:

Year 12 French ATAR

Course Content Description:


This unit focuses on Les medias (The media).

Students will:

  • reflect on the role of technologies in their lives and in the lives of young people in French-speaking communities
  • develop an insight into the cultures and lifestyles of the French-speaking communities through examples of francophone films, film clips and music
  • consider the media and its impact on the global community.


This unit focuses on Le monde qui nous entoure (The world around us).

Students will:

  • reflect on their plans for the future
  • explore the issues and experiences of French-speaking migrants to and from French-speaking communities
  • explore multicultural aspects of modern France
  • consider global youth issues related to coping with pressures: stress, drugs and alcohol.
Recommended Background: C grade or above in Year 11 ATAR French: Second Language
Mode of Delivery: In Moodle and live, online lessons.
Textbooks / Stationery: Refer to the Booklist - Personal Items and Resource List
External Examination: External practical and written examination compulsory in Term 4 Year 12
ATAR Pathway: Entry into University