Achieving success in distance education is dependent on close communication between the teacher, student and parent.

There are up to fourteen modules of work that are completed by K-6 students during each school year. Support material for the home tutor and students is provided. The modules are numbered and theme-based, containing sufficient work for ten days each fortnight for P-6 students, and four days each fortnight for Kindergarten students. Lessons are flexible and teachers modify the programs to meet the needs of individual students. Other supplementary lessons are also provided throughout the year. Completion dates for modules are detailed in a calendar sent out by your child's teacher.

Teaching and learning takes place through:

  • Moodle, SIDE’s learning management system. which contains booklets, extra information, activities, and links to Webex and learning resources online
  • Webex online lessons
  • email and telephone communication
  • induction meetings
  • visits to SIDE when in Perth.

Online learning requires a computer connected to the internet. A Guide to SIDE Primary K-6 provides specific details of the IT resources required.