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The SIDE community acknowledge and congratulate all Year 8 award winners.

Excellence Award

Awarded to Yusuf Amiruddin and Sara Nikolic, the highest overall achieving students across several subjects.

Student Services Awards


Awarded to the following home-based students who have shown persistence and resilience while studying in challenging circumstances.

Suraj Alsharmary Xanthe Beltran Morne Keet Emalyn Mannar
Sara Nikolic Juliet Saunders Eva Stanton  

Awarded to Christina King and Lexi Paniora, a full-time SIDE student from a partner school who has shown persistence and resilience while studying in challenging circumstances.

Endeavour Award

Awarded to the following full-time SIDE students who perform to the best of their capability in their schooling. These students are recognised for their persistence and positive attitude in overcoming difficulties.

Winston Goonack Nixan Higgins Brodie Jackman Emrick Stewart

Subject Awards

English English Yusuf Amiruddin
Sara Nikolic
HPE Health Education Yusuf Amiruddin
HASS Humanities and Social Sciences Sara Nikolic
Languages Chinese Abel Yap
French Xanthe Beltran
Indonesian Sienna Sutherland
Italian Matthew Bussola
Japanese Lexi Paniora
Mathematics Mathematics Yusuf Amiruddin
Science Science Caden Basak
Technologies Design and Technology Yusuf Amiruddin
Digital Technology Lindsy Perona
The Arts Media Arts Isabella Court
Visual Arts Yusuf Amiruddin