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Enrolments for 2024 is now open. Please read Fast Track to SIDE and Courses and Programs information at Curriculum Overview.

SIDE provides courses for students whose school cannot provide an appropriate course.

This would include situations such as a student transferring schools or the transfer of a teacher. It may also be the case where an individual’s needs cannot be catered for within a school timetable or within teacher expertise. SIDE Principal approval must be given under these circumstances.

Enrolment is subject to:

  • The capacity of SIDE to deliver the course.
  • The base school determining the level of access to SIDE that is appropriate for the school.

All schools enrolling students at SIDE agree to the conditions outlined in the School Partnerships – Service Provision document (Please note this document is under review for 2024).

Schools are expected to appoint a SIDE Supervisor to assist students to manage their learning program.

Where students have Special Circumstances and needs, please contact the SIDE Psychologists directly on 9311 1400 to discuss the appropriateness of SIDE services and eligibility requirements for the Referral Program.

SIDE timetable structure 
All new enrolments should check the Timetable options and send through your preferences.

Please see the specific SCSA enrolment requirements for Year 11 and 12 WACE Languages and English as an Additional Language or Dialect  .