Referral Program

Please note: Enquiries for students with Special Circumstances for 2021 have closed as of Friday 3 September.

SIDE’s Referral Program provides for students who have special circumstances that impact on school attendance/engagement. The Program is coordinated by SIDE’s school psychologists.

SIDE’s school psychologists gather information from a number of sources to assess eligibility (the family, the student’s current school and clinician/specialist).

To be eligible for the Referral Program the student must be:

  • genuinely unable to attend a regular school or an alternative education program, and
  • receiving ongoing counselling, treatment or other appropriate intervention.

Enrolment in the Referral Program is not a long term alternative to regular schooling. Students need to be working towards reintegration back into a school or alternative program.

Categories of eligibility:
  • Chronic illness/Severe medical condition
  • Severe mental health
  • Other unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances
Enrolment information:
  • Eligible students in Years K-6, Government Schools remain enrolled in their school while accessing SIDE’s Referral Program. SIDE works in partnership with the student’s current school.
  • Eligible students in Years K-6, Non-Government schools remain enrolled in their school while accessing SIDE’s Referral Program. Schools and parents/guardians need to be aware of the charges associated with the school partnership.

To make an enquiry about the Referral Program for a K-6 student with special circumstances, phone on +61 8 9311 1447. A SIDE school psychologist will contact you to determine if the student is eligible.

SIDE’s receipt of an application for enrolment does not necessarily confirm enrolment.