SIDE K-6 parents and home tutor commonly asked questions:

How can we organise all the resources we receive?

Sometimes it can seem that there are lots of resources to manage. Try these tips.

  • When materials arrive from SIDE, check that you have all materials listed on the dispatch form. If any materials are missing please contact your child's teacher.
  • Read the Home Tutor Guides for each year level or learning area. These will explain what you need to do.
  • Read the course materials in Moodle and print the worksheets/workbooks required.
  • Create a clear workspace for your child during the school day.
  • Encourage your child to organise their materials for each lesson and pack them away when finished. Even young children are able to do this.
  • Create a timetable or routine for each day.
  • Scan and upload completed work to Moodle for the class teacher to assess.
  • Return resources, such as reading books and library books, to SIDE regularly.

How can we complete all the required activities?

It is sometimes a challenge to complete all the activities.

  • A regular timetable and study routine is essential and creates a stable environment in which your child can develop self-reliance and independence.
  • Develop the timetable to suit your situation. Some home tutors prefer to start school early and finish early, while others prefer the morning free and the children work later in the day.
  • Vary the curriculum during the day including regular times for activities such as physical education and fitness, work modules and silent reading.

How can we support our child in their schooling?

Home tutors can support student learning in different ways.

  • Be positive and enthusiastic, and take interest in your child's work. Discuss the work with your child during the study time so that he/she receives immediate feedback or extra assistance if needed.
  • Be consistent. Most children look for order, firmness and fairness.
  • Encourage learning beyond the classroom. Negotiate with teachers to incorporate local events into the program, or write a travel diary.
  • If you have more than one child studying with SIDE allow them to work together sometimes. For example, an older child could conference a writing task with a younger child, or read to a younger child.
  • Check your child's work and go through any incorrect work with them. It is important to leave any incorrect work, showing with corrected attempts underneath because this informs the class teacher's understanding about the processes your child is using.
  • When you receive teacher feedback discuss this with your child.
  • There will be times when you need to be flexible. Your child may be ill or you may be busy with other demands. Speak to the teachers about your child's workload.
  • Children with learning difficulties or special needs may need a modified learning program developed for them.

SIDE's K-6 teachers offer support for our home tutors.

  • All parents, home tutors and students are invited to SIDE for an initial interview/induction. We strongly encourage visits to the Primary team whenever you are in Perth. Please contact your child's teacher to arrange your visit.
  • Some WA families may be visited at home by their teacher. These visits allow the teacher to assist students and home tutors, and to gain a better understanding of the student's school environment at home.
  • We provide ongoing advice and feedback through phone, email and Moodle.

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