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The Principal and staff acknowledge and congratulate all Year 10 award winners.

Excellence Award

Awarded to Catherine Morris and Jane Kotsoglo, the highest overall achieving students across several subjects.

ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Awarded by the Australian Defence Force to Lauren Rowe who demonstrates leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community and also displays strong values.

The Clarence Eakins Award

Awarded to Angela Johnston. Angela is a Year 10 student continuing at SIDE in Year 11 who is likely to succeed in Senior School. The award recognises the work of Clarence Eakins who established the Correspondence School in 1918 (now SIDE) and became its first headmaster.

Student Services Awards


Awarded to the following home-based students who have studied in challenging circumstances and achieved commendable results.

Diana Bolandparavaz Emma Christiansen Angela Johnston
Sabrina Pikes Samson Pink Ethan Rieschiek
Alana Vince

Awarded to Molly-Rose Fanciulli-Herron, a full-time SIDE student from a partner school who has studied in challenging circumstances and achieved commendable results.


Awarded to Santiago Wright-Ramirez who performed to the best of his capability in his schooling. Santiago is recognised for his persistence and positive attitude in overcoming difficulties.