Information technologies had a huge impact on distance education in this period, decreasing the reliance on written materials and postal service as digital technologies provided for face-to-face contact for students and teachers, and 24 x 7 access to course resources.

Late 1990s

The use of computer-based technologies increased. They were used to develop and publish materials, and also to improve teaching and learning creating more immediate ways to educate students.


Early 2000s

SIDE continued to provide a range of resources to support student learning including regular television programs delivered weekly by the Languages teachers.



The early 21st century saw SIDE make the move to online learning. Early work included providing email addresses to home-based families and many projects occurred to determine the best way forward. A learning management system, Janison Toolbox, was introduced which allowed students to access class materials 24x7. While not universally used it did allow staff and students opportunities for more varied learning.



In 2004 the High Frequency radio system was replaced by a satellite-based system.



SIDE teachers trialled the use of web conferencing software, Centra, which allowed teachers to conduct lessons and to interact with students in real time. Centra was not limited to those students with satellite dishes but could be accessed using the Internet.


A new learning management system, Moodle, was implemented. This software was developed by Martin Dougiamas, a former Kalgoorlie School of the Air student.



The SIDE (Leederville) schools separated administratively from the Schools of the Air, leaving two schools on the Leederville site, the Primary School and the Secondary School.


A SIDE teacher at the time stated, “Moodle is the single most life-changing technology to have come around in the past two years. It is simple to use, available 24/7 and offers great complexity in the facilities it offers.”

The Moodle learning management system could contain a whole teaching course including lesson content, supplementary documents, assessments, digital video clips, links to websites, student scripts and quizzes that could be marked within Moodle. Teachers could control the quality of the content and the way in which it was released to students.

Teaching and learning

Both Leederville schools were fully amalgamated in 2012 resulting in SIDE becoming one K-12 school with one Principal.

Principals Honour Board


There was a full SIDE implementation of Moodle and Saba Classroom. All teachers used Moodle as location of classroom experiences. Every program of instruction included materials in Moodle. All teachers taught weekly lessons in Saba Classroom. Students had regular timetabled sessions with their teachers.

Teaching and learning


The increasing availability of information technologies in student homes and schools meant that greater interactivity could occur between students and their teachers, and with their classmates.