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Scitech Visits SIDE

Scitech Scientists at SIDE

SIDE Primary and Secondary students were in for a treat when Scitech came to visit Thursday 29 October. Raphael and Shelley, both Marine Biologists, presented a show called “Element of Surprise.” Raphael was born in France and moved to Western Australia in 2005. Shelley grew up in North Queensland, moving to Perth 3 years ago.
Students logged into Saba from different locations to participate in the presentation, conducted in the SIDE Science Lab. Raphael and Shelley used the Scientific method to investigate 3 different issues: First students were presented with two gases in cans that looked the same, one of which was flammable. They were asked how they could identify them, considering that their senses could not separate them. Students were given a choice of three tools to assist them; a lighter, red cabbage juice and a UV torch. The second investigation looked at separating similar, clear liquids and the third, two pieces of paper.
Students participated enthusiastically in the presentation, engaging with Raphael and Shelley via text chat.

Raphael, Scitech Shelley  Beaker, Image: Scitech

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