The Correspondence School became the Western Australian Correspondence School (WACS) and a new Headmaster, Owen Williams, was appointed following the retirement of Clarence Eakins.

Principals Honour Board

While overseas students had previously been catered for on an ad hoc basis, the school began to cater for overseas and interstate students whose parents had temporarily transferred outside the state.

See how the school logo evolves throughout the century.

  • 1960s-70s WACS

  • 1980s-90s DEC

    Logo is a stylised student shape sitting at a desk. At this time print materials were still the main type of learning material but were accompanied by various audio-visual resources such as live television , videos, audio, science lab kits, etc.

    DEC Live Science used the DEC logo, adding Live Science to it.

    DEC Live Science shirt worn by presenters.
  • 1982 ISMS

    When DEC and ISMS amalgamated the logo for ISMS included the DEC logo, and a stylised map of Western Australia indicating the services operating from Western Australia.
  • 1993 75th Anniversary

    DEC logo with embellishments for 75th Anniversary of school.

    This logo was used on a range of items from 1993 including a souvenir booklet and tablecloths from the Open Day.
  • 1995 - 2017 SIDE

    The SIDE logo reflects the changed distance education schooling organisation.

    There is a stylised representation of Western Australia within the shield.

    A large star within the map represents SIDE Perth, while the five smaller stars flowing from the map represent the five Schools of the Air.

    The pennant was used for official SIDE occasions.

    Example of school shirts with SIDE logo.
  • 2018 Centenary

    The white linked figures on the blue globe represent students connecting across the world as global learners. The red bands indicate online learning. Red also represents the colour of the earth and blue the colour of the sea. These colours represent the colours of Western Australia and also the places in which SIDE students live.