Nostalgic memories of my SIDE experience

I get very nostalgic when I think back to my high school years with SIDE. Due to my family’s location in the remote Kimberley region, all our schooling was done through distance education – first through School of the Air for primary school and then through SIDE for high school. We didn’t really miss out on much in our schooling or in our choice of subjects because SIDE sent up whatever we needed, whether it be woodwork kits, sewing machines, art supplies or sport equipment. Our teachers were so supportive and I really enjoyed the teacher visits each year.

I was fairly shy and reserved, and there weren’t many people my age where I lived, so I found the yearly school camps (and science camps in upper secondary) were some of the best and most beneficial times as far as social interactions go. They gave me the opportunity to meet with teachers, experience actual classroom interactions and learn to work with and socialise with my peers. I found this an invaluable experience throughout high school and I believe it helped me come out of my shell and be better prepared for life after school.

I recently completed my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science double degree where I majored in Journalism, Indonesian Language, and Environment and Sustainability, followed by Honours in my Bachelor of Science degree. During my studies I had the opportunity to do three short journalism internships in Toowoomba, Queensland, and travelled into western Queensland to carry out research on yellow-footed rock-wallabies. I believe SIDE and my SIDE teachers were instrumental in preparing me for these challenges.

To all my teachers, the coordinators and Principals – thank you so much for your support and for challenging me to keep learning!

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