My family and I spent the year of 1988 travelling around Australia. I was in Year 4 and my brother in Year 2.

My Dad was a manual arts teacher so he used his handy skills to convert a school bus into a camper-van that we called ‘Wazza’ (because it was-a bus).

WAZZA (was-a bus)
Kylie Howarth and family

mrs BradleyMum was a teacher too, so she helped us with our school work which was all sent to us from Mrs Bradley from the Distance Education Centre, now called SIDE. Back then there was no Internet or Saba, only snail-mail, so we collected our work from post offices as we traveled around Australia. We’d then post it all back to our teacher, Mrs Bradley for marking.

I was thrilled to be given top student award at the end of the year and still treasure the book I was awarded, ‘Birds of Australia’ by Colin Harrison.

30 years later I am back at SIDE as an Online Author/Illustrator for CBCA Book Week celebrations