I was enrolled in the Correspondence School in 1932.

My family had a farm between Koorda and Mollerin. I attended the Correspondence School through Primary School and First Year High School, after which my family sent me to Perth to boarding school. My brothers were also educated through the Primary years by correspondence. Lessons were by mail. They were posted weekly when we went into town and returned by mail with the next lessons.

I remember visiting the Correspondence School once a year with my mother to meet the teachers and also met Mr Eakins who was the Headmaster. When we went to Perth we caught the steam train. I recall changing trains at Amery (about 9 kilometres north of Dowerin) and going through the tunnel on the way to Perth. It took about 8 hours.

We used to participate in a district Sports Day once a year, where all the Correspondence Pupils met in Koorda to make up a team against other teams from surrounding areas. It was the only time I saw some of them. The only sport I can recall being played in the district was tennis so everybody played tennis or nothing. Dad built an ant-bed court next to the house which was very popular.

After leaving school I worked and helped in my family before deciding to become a Registered Nurse. My career as a nurse took me to Woorooloo, Northam and Kalgoorlie.

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