The School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) is an online school and the government provider of K-12 distance education in Western Australia. SIDE is located at 164-194 Oxford Street, Leederville, a five minute walk from the Leederville train station.

  • Eligibility
    Home-based enrolments are typically permanent WA residents who meet specific eligibility criteria for the following categories:
    • geographically isolated
    • travelling
    • elite performance (arts/ sports)
    • dance/ ballet schools
    • special circumstances (discuss eligibility requirementswith a SIDE Primary Enrolments officer).

    Enrolment Process

    Home-based student enrolment information and instructions are on the SIDE website.

    K-6 Primary > Enrolment > K-6 Eligibility Guidelines

    K-6 Primary > Enrolment > K-6 Enrolment Process

  • General Information

    Role of the Home Tutor

    Achieving success in distance education is dependent on the student, home tutor and teacher working together as a team. The teacher is in direct contact with your child(ren) for only a small proportion of the total teaching time; you do much of the day-to-day work. As a home tutor you play a pivotal role. Using the supplied support materials will ensure you provide the best learning environment for your child.

    Support for Home Tutors

    Teachers in the primary years offer support to children and their families.

    • All parents/home tutors are invited to SIDE for an initialinterview/induction.
    • Visits to SIDE whenever you are in Perth.
    • Some families may be visited at home by their teacher(s).

    SIDE Support for Students

    SIDE provides a range of support services and our families are encouraged to utilise these resources:

    • experienced teachers
    • online classrooms, Moodle and Webex
    • Library Resource Centre
    • school psychologists.


    Attendance at SIDE is based upon satisfactory submission of work, regular teacher/student contact (email, phone, visit), participation in Webex lessons and daily engagement in Moodle activities as prescribed on each child’s Term Calendar. Attendance is regularly reviewed by the school.Keep in regular contact, whether by telephone or email, with your child’s teacher(s). We want to hear from you and your child. Let your child’s teacher know how the school work is going and if you have any problems.

  • Online Learning Tools


    Webex is an online classroom where teaching and learning occurs in real time. The SIDE teacher is the host and the students are the participants. Lessons are scheduled by teachers. Students are expected to attend at the allocated time. Webex sessions are recorded and students are expected to watch the playback if they miss a lesson. Students generally access the lessons through a link in their Moodle course.

    Webex support and installation instructions are on the SIDE website

    E-Learning > Getting Help > Webex


    Every course has a web ‘space’ where students access lesson materials and activities, upload work, and interact with their teacher and other students. Moodle has secure logins, and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Required ICT Resources

    • An internet connection that is as fast and reliable as possible.
    • A computer is essential. It should run Windows (version10) or Apple Mac (OS version 10.13 or above). Other devices such as iPads, Windows 10S, Android tablets and Chromebooks may only be useful for some applications.
    • Software installed on the computer should include an up-to-date web browser, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader. Microsoft Office is provided.
    • A headset with a microphone via USB connection.
    • Access to a printer, a scanner/digital camera and data storage.

Guide to SIDE Primary [PDF]